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Events & Exhibitions


Dates & Times

24 Aug - 29 Oct 2016

Thursday - Sunday

11am - 5pm

Private View

Saturday 27 Aug 2016

2pm - 4pm

Gallery 23

Market Place, Bolton BL1 2AL, UK

Entry Cost

Free Entry

Neo:Print Prize Exhibition 2016

Tori Portrait of London screen-print and Impressions of London relief print selected for the Neo:Print Prize Exhibition.

The works on show at this year's neo:printprize are testament to the relevance of print as a medium in the international art arena today.  There is a huge variety and confidence in the works on show.  Prints range from the hugely ambitious to the quietly intimate, the technically adroit to the freshly expressive.  Printmaking in all its guises is represented with traditional methods sitting alongisde digital prints, video, animation, sculpture and installation.

325 artsist from 30 countries submitted 640 artworks for consideration and were whittled down to 113 prints from 91 artists.  This is major international print biennial is well worth visiting because it promises to be a truly stunning and memorable show in a wonderful new gallery space.

Tori has had two works excepted from her London Collection.  She will be exhibiting her Portrait of London screenprint made with multiple screens and gold leaf highlights.  She will also be showcasing her Impressions of London: Reclaimed Litter relief print made with baked fimo blocks with impressions of objects that she collected from the streets of London.

A Portrait of London:  A portrait aims to capture the likeness and personality of a person, but what about capturing the essence of a place? Isn’t a portrait about a jolt of recognition about something we think we know? In this oversized two-colour screen-print, montaged loose line drawings made over several sittings are used to depict London icons and landmark buildings not as a literal likeness but as an expression of what London means to the artist.  Designed as an antidote to landscape images of the London skyline, it portrays the essence of the architecture and iconic history of a much beloved capital.

Impressions of London: Reclaimed Litter challenges the idea of what is beautiful. It is often easier to observe a gorgeous flower, a magnificent tree or landscape or a stunning sunset, but rarely do we associate the litter and debris found underfoot with something containing inherent beauty. Objects collected from the streets of London, that have been lost or tossed aside, have been pressed into blocks of Fimo, baked, inked and individually relief printed to illustrate that even litter can be given a new lease of life and sense of aesthetic through the use of colour, pattern and the charm of a simple print.

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