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Graduate Fashion Week - George T-Shirt

Tori's GFW winning 'What's your Poison' T-shirt is selected for production by the team at George menswear

June 2013

Graduate Fashion Week  - 2 to 5 June 2013

Tori McLean’s ‘What’s Your Poison?’ design was one of 10 winning designs selected by the team at George to win their menswear Graphic T-Shirt Competition.  George, who sponsored the competition for London’s Graduate Fashion Week, ran the national competition for 1st and 2nd year fashion and design students across 40 UK institutions that are members of the Colleges’ Council for GFW.  The brief was to design a T-shirt for young males, aged 13-25. The 10 winning designs were showcased at GFW.

Tori's design was selected for production by the team at George and quickly sold out within their stores and online.

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