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SDC Membership Offered at New Designers

Tori's designs are judged at New Designers by the Society of Designer Craftsmen.

June 2014

The Society of Designer Craftsmen regularly attend New Designers and judge graduate entries for their level of craftsmanship and commitment to craft.  Tori graduated with a First Class Hons BA in Fashion and Textile Design from Winchester School of Art, but she specialised in screenprinted textiles and using other printmaking techniques to create the motifs for her fabric designs.  

As the show Tori's work was judged by renowned textiles artist, Dawn Thorne, and the work was deemed to demonstrate exceptional skill and individuality, as well as showing future creative and commerical potential.  Tori was invited to become a Licentiate member of the Society as one of their newly graduated designer makers, opening up opportunities to exhibit with the Society.

About the Society of Designer Craftsmen

Formed as the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society in 1887 with Walter Crane as the society's first President, the Society's purpose was to give a voice to, and to organise exhibitions for the growing body of designer-makers.The first of these exhibitions was held at The New Gallery, Regent Street in October 1888.  Today, the Society promotes and supports the work of creative thinkers, designers and makers who continue to innovate in the crafts through their exploration of materials and skills.

Their national membership is made up of professional designer makers across various craft disciplines, including Ceramics, Wood, Metal, Glass, Textiles and Printmaking. They are the largest multi-craft society in the UK and support their members through major exhibitions, professional and creative networks, workshops, mentoring and many other events and initiatives.

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