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Tori's Scarf Designs in British Museum Grenville Collection

Tori's London CityScape scarves selected to grace the British Museum's Grenville Collection

January 2016

Unbenown to Tori her work had been scouted at the Society of Designer Craftsmen's 'Designer Crafts at Christmas' event and she was invited to meet with buyers for the British Museum's Grenville Collection shop.  

Tori's London CityScape scarves have been selected to go on sale in late spring.  These designs for these luxurious scraves are based on Tori's illustrations of famous London icons and landmark buildings.  Each is screenprinted by hand using two olours in Tori's Winchester design studio.  Only two editions of each colour combination are produced to offer greater exclusivity to the buyer.  

Please note this collection has now sold out at the musuem.

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