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Elle Decoration Photoshoot

Tori & Her Productive Garden Textile Photographed for Elle Decoration

12 June 2013

Tori, along with Mark Buckley, Alice Noble and Aisha Jones had a very exciting day at Loft Studios, 77-81 Scrubs Lane, Kensal Green, London thanks to the amazing team at Elle Decoration.  Tori brought along her winning textile Productive Garden textile design and the deckchair it was designed for ready to have her photo taken by the lovely Suki Dhana alongside her creation.

It was a fascinating day seeing how they team decidede on the 'look' they wanted to go for.  Tori sends her thanks to the Picture Director Hayley C.H. and Art Director Alex Libotte for making it such an incredible experience.  Pictures will be appearing in Elle Decoration's September Issue.

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